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  1. A Virtual Assistant is one who can do administrative, technological or creative work for a company, even while being outside of the company, and reports and receives direct information from the company owner or CEO.

  2. Often times, smaller businesses will use virtual assistants for an all in one source for taking care of the little things. This saves them the cost of opening a small office with just a front desk.

  3. Larger businesses will also have virtual assistants to provide several duties but would prefer Account Managers to handle several accounts that they have.

  4. However, when defining the role of a virtual assistant, it is easy to continue to ask them to do things, even if this isn’t in the job description. One thing to be aware of, either as one who is hiring a virtual assistant, or one who is working as a virtual assistant, is where the line is.

  5. A virtual assistant is similar to having an executive assistant that attends to all your daily business needs, making sure you are aware of all your schedules and all your company’s business activities for the day.

  6. A virtual assistant should be able to correspond to you your clients on your behalf both through email and calling.

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